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Autistic Spectrum Condition

We work closely with parents and other agencies to ensure that our pupils with ASC thrive in our school.  When parents ask how we cater for the needs of their child, we direct them to the Matrix of Quality First Teaching and Provision as it shows the range of strategies which are used in our school to support pupils with ASC. 

See the SEND Support page for further details.

Some Resources Tailored to Pupils with ASD

When we educate our pupils about ASC, we use a few resources which you might find help when talking to your own child about ASC.

We find this Animated Explanation of Autism on YouTube useful for the younger pupils.  (Please note, external videos may contain adverts and we are not responsible for the content of external sites.) 

Thumbnail of Understanding the Spectrum



When we speak to whole classes or individual pupils, we take a slightly different approach when explaining the ‘spectrum’ concept. 


Read this comic strip, Understanding the Spectrum to see our approach.  

Parent Support

We are fortunate to have a wide range of services available to schools and parents in this borough.  See our list of Useful Contacts and Organisations for Parents and Carers.