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British Values

St. Edward’s Royal Free is a community based on Christian values where young people are inspired to learn and be successful in a safe, healthy and happy environment.  We value each child as an individual and help them to develop a strong sense of self-worth.  We celebrate the traditions and beliefs of all faiths and learn the importance of helping and respecting others.

British Values are taught through our school explicitly through subjects including History, RE and PSHE and also through whole school Citizenship events and Citizenship weeks. We foster a strong sense of belonging both to the school community and as a citizen of Britain with the responsibilities that citizenship brings. We prepare our students for life in a modern multi-cultural society.

School Aims:

The following are examples of how our school teaches about British Values


Our School Council demonstrates “Democracy in Action” through School Council and House Captain elections. Two school council members are elected by each tutor group and they represent the pupils in their forms for one year. Regular meetings are held, chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl. Pupils also vote for their House and Vice House Captains in each house, after hearing the candidates speak. In years involving a UK General Election a mini General Election is held within school (on non-party political topics). The School Council visits the Houses of Parliament and reports back to the school.

Individual Liberty and Equality:

All pupils are treated equally and fairly. Pupils learn about Identity through PSHE and RE. Identity module in Year 5 PSHE. All pupils have equal access to year group appropriate sports, activities and clubs.

Respect and Tolerance:

RE - Uses teaching resources from a wide range of sources to help pupils understand and learn about a range of faiths, beliefs and attitudes. We celebrate the festivals of other faiths in assemblies. We encourage respect for differences – Difference and Diversity module in Year 6 PSHE and RE. The school promotes tolerance and understanding of those with different faiths and beliefs through religious education, personal, social and health education and themed weeks. We have also formed links with pupils and schools in other countries through French penfriend schemes and through the charity PLAN.

Justice and The Rule of Law:

We develop an understanding of the Rule of Law through our code of conduct and behaviour expectations. Our school promotes an understanding of the Rule of Law throughout the school day, in assemblies and through our ethos. Our behaviour and anti-bullying policies reflect the values of fairness, equality, justice and high expectations. Pupils are given the opportunities to apply for positions of responsibility such as prefects, librarians and Sports Leaders.

Pupils learn about the development of Parliament in History in Year 7* and about the law connected with alcohol in PSHE in Year 7.