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At St. Edward’s Royal Free Middle School we teach a knowledge led curriculum that is based on the National Curriculum and aims for “age expected” learning. Students will be assessed against objectives that have been mapped so that the vast majority of pupils are meeting or exceeding age expected learning which will allow them to be successful at St. Edward’s and beyond.

As part of this assessment, parents will receive reports 3 times a year that show whether their child is meeting age related expectations in their learning.  Parents will receive these reports in December, March and July.

Pupil reports in December and March will include assessments for each subject using the following grades:

Reports will also include attitude to learning grades, attendance summary (including lates), reading age and number of house points earned in the term.

The July report will include all of the above information as well as a tutor comment and short comments on the pupil's strengths and next steps that they can take to advance their learning in the next academic year.

Video Icon  Video explaining assessment system