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Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program which assesses a child’s comprehension of books they have read.  Four times a year, the children will take a STAR test.  This test looks at comprehension and vocabulary.  The questions get harder as the children get more questions correct and then brings the test to a close when the child starts to make errors.  The test will then produce a ZPD score; this score relates to the book level on the spine of each of the library books and guides children to books which are suitable for their reading ability.  Their ZPD score is a guideline but is by no means an exact science.  If a child’s ZPD is lower than what they are used to, they are expected to speak with their library teacher and together a mutual agreement will be made as to what level the child should be reading at to ensure good progress. 

All pupils have a one-hour library lesson each week.  In these lessons they take Accelerated Reader tests, which track their progress.  The library is also open in the morning, after-school and at break and lunch to enable children to take tests outside of their library lessons.  Parents will also be provided with a HomeConnect password so they can follow their child’s progress.  (Accelerated Reader tests cannot be taken at home).  It is a requirement that children read for 20 minutes a day and should there be a particular series or author that has captured the interest of a pupil, please let their library know by putting a note in their planner.  Their teacher will then discuss the suitability of the chosen book with them.

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